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O'Connell Hotel

Built in 1865 on what was then the main thoroughfare from Sydney to Bathurst, O'Connell Hotel is steeped in history and was once home to the smallest bar in Australia. O'Connell Hotel is located 15 minutes from Bathurst and 2.5 hours from Sydney.

Tarana Hotel

Established in 1873 in the picturesque Tarana Valley in Central West NSW, just a 2 hour drive from western Sydney, the Tarana Hotel is described as a hidden gem! Adored by our local community and a popular place for travellers to stop in and enjoy the stunning views from the beer garden. Stay for a meal and enjoy our delicious menu of locally sourced produce and our wide range of wine, beers and local gins!

Hotel Alexander (Rydal Pub)

Built in 1914, the Hotel Alexander was an important fixture in the once bustling village of Rydal. When changes were made in the late 1920’s to the Great Western Highway, the town was no longer a through-fare, reducing the town from over 6 licensed Inns down to just the Hotel Alexander, hence the Alexander was dubbed the Rydal Pub. Just 15 minutes from Lithgow, the Rydal Pub today is very popular with tourists and locals alike, known for it's simple, authentic country hospitality.

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